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  The CATCHING USV project was specifically designed to target the ongoing issue of the Pelagia noctiluca stinger Jelly fish. It is a completely autonomous platform that is able to collect almost 400kgr of jelly fish in each trip and be controller by a ground station of a remote user.


  The average travel speed is 3-5m/s while it will be able to withstand opposing winds of up to 15m/s. It is a 100% electric vehicle capable of navigating its preprogrammed mission for up to 8 hours while it uses a series of sensors like sonar and depth in order to keep safety at the highest possible level. It can automatically return to its home point in a way of scenarios: end of mission, having acquired its maximum payload, activated by ground station command, failure of power plant, remote control command. It carries a number of subsystems design specifically to collect the Pelagia noctiluca that are deployed or retracted according to its needs and provides an environmentally friendly way to control an existing problem in the sea throughout Europe.


  The basis of this project has been designed modular from its original concept in order for the main platform to be used also in other water based USV requirement projects in the near future. Soon more information will be posted on this project.

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