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Weight in Air:   8 kg

Dimensions:   306, 306, 270 mm

Depth Rating:   125 m

Max Speed:   1.5 m/s

Battery Life:   3 hrs (Operate all day with extra pack)

Bumper Frame Material:   Polycarbonate

Enclosure Materials:   Stainless Steel / PC

Ballast System:   750g

Camera and Lights

Sensor:   1/2.9" SONY IMX322

Video Streaming Resolution:   Full HD 1080P (30fps), HD 720P (30fps)

Recording Format:   JPEG, MJPEG

Lux Level:   0.01

FOV:   Horizontal 135° / Vertical 270°

Vertical Actuated Rotation:   180°

Optional Upward Facing Camera Spec:   B/W, 0.01 Lux

Variable Intensity LED Array:   5,000 Lumens


Max Thrust Force:   2.5 kgf

Max Reverse Thrust:   2.3 kgf

Minimum Thrust Force:    0.005 kgf

RPM:   300-5,000 Rev/min

Max Power:   175 Watts

Voltage:   18-36 V

Max Current:   7 A

Weight in Water:    125 g


9-Axis IMU, Depth, Water & Internal Temperature, Leak & Humidity, System Voltage & Current, Magnetic Power Switch


Capacity:   6,000 mAh

Voltage:   30 V

Recharge Time:   1.5 hr


Diameter:   4 mm

Length:   100 m-250 m

Working Strength:    30 kg

Breaking Strength:    100 kg

Buoyancy:   Neutral in Fresh Water

Conductors:   Twisted Pair


Camera:   Full HD Photo Capture, Full HD Video Recording

Precision Assistance:   Auto-Depth, Auto-Heading, Camera Auto-Pitch

Vehicle Performance Adjustments:   Max Speed in 5 axes, Individual Thruster Control, PID Gain of Vehicle Motion

Supported Operating Systems:   iOS Tablet, Linux ( SeaDrone API )

Communication Interface:   WiFi, Ethernet

Communication Protocol:   UDP

Control Input:   iOS Tablet (Touch Panel), Bluetooth (Joystick)

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