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Over the past years has partnered up with:

  • WestSea Project, Patras Greece.

In order to utilize their expertise in electronics, programming and underwater vehicles, in a joined effort to provide​ advanced tools and services in all business areas as also create ideas for new business opportunities. 

  • Antzoulatos Bros/Unmanned Vehicles Company Greece

A distributor of  a vast series of RC products since 1991 and one of the biggest companies in its field in the Balkans region, including Cyprus, Haemus Hobbies has partnered with  in order to utilize their design, manufacturing and prototyping expertise in order to provide service and technical information as also in collaboration design and build UAV's based market demand while innovating in the field. 


Due to his many years of experience in the Greek Armed Forces and his involvement in a number of Civil Protection Agencies at training and operational level is a Technical advisor on equipment that is used for scientific research and search and rescue.

Upon request to the Hellenic Navy, permission was issued to be a founding member of WaterActions Company that its non profit core is to improve the infrastructure of education, culture, eco-protection and eco-development throughout Greece with the aim of protecting the marine environment, safeguarding human life at sea and dissemination of volunteering.

  • Hardwarebg, Sofia Bulgaria.

In collaboration we are running some TU Sofia projects that soon will be announced.​

  • More Partners to be announced during January 2020

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