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The X8 is one of our first aerial mapping and 3d imaging platforms. It’s a completely autonomous UAV equipped also with a 4Km Radio control system for manual flights. Comes equipped with M8N GPS with the option to use M8P base and Rover. Flight Controller with a large number of precise mission capabilities that also controls the camera trigger of either a Sony 5100 or a Sony RX100 Mk2/3/4. The camera is placed on a 2 axis servo gimbal that is also controlled by the flight controller in order to keep all images perpendicular for best post process results. Uses 2 pieces of 10000mah 6S batteries that can give a maximum flight time of almost 20minutes in ideal weather conditions.

The frame is based on a widely used frame in the market with specific modifications and upgrades in material used in order to provide the outmost reliability and also maintain price levels at the lowest possible cost.

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