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  The Y6 Hyperion is our latest design platform on its final stages of testing before hitting the market.

It’s an ultralight Y shape folding hexacopter, powered by T-motors U5 series and Air40 Esc’s that have been repackaged to offer best possible performance and in case of bad weather conditions during flight to ensure protection of the electronics against the elements.


It utilizes a Smart AP MAX flight controller and in its current state it uses M8P GPS/GNSS receiver with either base and rover configuration or simply rover only. With its all up weight (including Sony RX100 MK2 camera and 2pcs batteries) being a little more than 5 kilograms, it has the capability of flying form almost 35minutes and cover great distance missions with the use only of a Ground Station or a remote control.


  The specific Hyperion Version of the Y6 (more versions to come soon) has a specially designed and placed digital servo control gimbal that gives it the possibility of having the camera point from straight down to straight up while at the same time stabilizing the image in a correct angle throughout the duration of its flight as also dampening incorporation for the camera for extra image stabilization.


  When folded the Y6 Hyperion takes no more than 30x30x66mm of space and can be folded with its batteries installed but disconnected. The power is distributed by the Smart AP PDB board that features:

• Input voltage up to 60 Volts (14S)

• Capability to handle extremely high currents (peak current up to 400A)

• Power input from the main battery, possibility to connect up to 4 independent batteries

• 12 pairs of pads (6 on top, 6 on bottom) for powering up to 12 motors (all possible airframe configurations supported) • Integrated voltage and current sensors

• Integrated DC-DC converter from 10-60 V input (up to 14S battery) to 5V output to power peripherals

• Integrated DC-DC converter from 10-60 V input (up to 14S battery) to 12V output to power peripherals

• 5V and 12V power output terminals (standard 2.54mm/0.1" connectors)

• Integrated loud electromagnetic sounder (buzzer)

• Power output for the flight controller (both 5V and battery VIN)

• Fully compatible with all SmartAP Autopilots And all this packed in only 65x65x14mm and a weight of 13grams.

In addition to the 5V and 12V outputs the Hyperion has our own design 7V supply for its high powered Gimbal Servos as also HD image transmission for up to 2km (optional).

In the coming days, first images and testing videos of the Y6 Hyperion will be posted here as also more details on it specs.

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